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5on Facebook, Mar 22, 2018
I was fortunate to have access to this year's Recruiter U Summit.

It was awesome!

As a solo Brokerage Owner, I felt very empowered by the end of the Summit because of th
e information I received.

All the speakers gave valuable tips on how to run your desk. In this industry, you have to be diligent, have tough skin and tenacity.......I am so determined to be make 2018 my year!

Thanks Mike, I am registered for the Recruiter U Intensive in Westchester County NY. Looking forward to getting additional information on how to meet my goals within the next 90 days.

Have a very positive day!
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5on Facebook, Mar 20, 2018
Tremendous value, thank you for all the invaluable knowledge you share. more »
5on Facebook, Mar 06, 2018
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5on Real Time Reviews, Mar 06, 2018
Excellent Business Coaching! I believe that every professional needs a business coach/mentor in order to succeed. Every time I meet with Mike Gionta I discover the blind spots that have been holding me back from reaching my ultimate potential. In addition, I walk away with a solid step-by-step game plan on how to overcome the obstacles allowing me to better serve my clients. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Mar 06, 2018
I don't know about Boston but the meeting in Bonita Springs, Florida was fantastic. We all get stuck in that mind-trap of negative thoughts from time to time. What we have to do is recognize it for what it is and turn it around. This meeting put a lot of things in perspective and gave us a good roadmap for navigating back to the positive side of life by helping us to control our limiting beliefs. more »
4on Real Time Reviews, Jan 25, 2018
Terrific. Lots of great info. Lots to tackle. Never realized how many things are in pink or yellow & only 1 or so in green & I want to know why I'm not where I want to be??? HELLO???

Also, The best was the exercise for me was
Here’s What it’s causing:
Reality if not Changed:
Time Bomb

Powerful to give me clarity on what's most important to focus on 1st,2nd, etc.
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5on Real Time Reviews, Jan 25, 2018
Mike and his team did a really fine job of tying together a two day training seminar that focused on (1) re-adjusting the mind-set, (2) personal responsibility and commitment, (3) strategies for developing new clients, (4) the value of metrics, (5) on-boarding and many other topics with a goal of increasing personal and team billings. Mike has a wealth of experience, not only as a billing manager, but also as a successful owner in the staffing & consulting arena. We valued the course and it's instruction. Nice job! more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Jan 20, 2018
Mike does a great job of communicating strategies while challenging his audience. He is generous with his time and training materials. Mike and his staff above and beyond to deliver great content. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Jan 19, 2018
Yet another excellent training from Mike Gionta & Team

Mike is incredibly engaging, providing a wealth of applicable information. He held this veteran recruiters attention for 9 hours st
raight, 2 days in a row, which is no easy task.

It is not an understatement to call this seminar an "Intensive' because it is truly packed full of information.

He has assembled an 'A Team' of highly accomplished recruiters that have worked in the trenches and speak from experience, sharing their knowledge and best practices.

Mike is incredibly entertaining, and I always enjoy his insights and comedic delivery. If he was not such a great recruiter and trainer, he could honestly have been a stand- up comedian.

This was my 4th seminar with Mike and I look forward to the next.
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5on Real Time Reviews, Jan 19, 2018
We came back with a list of metric and specific language related ideas to employ with new and existing seasoned Recruiters. Honestly, we are all pretty amped up over these new tools and look forward to bringing it all to the next level. Thank YOU Mike!!! more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Jan 19, 2018
I found attendees to be a cut above the average. Lots of quantifiable information with hands-on strategies on how to balance time & effort to build a higher producing staffing practice. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Jan 19, 2018
Our experience with RecruiterU was excellent. The most significant thing we learned was with staffing. His approach to hiring and training was most helpful. We will definitely begin to implement the process this year. Thank you Mike!! more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Jan 19, 2018
Mike is a wealth of information! This seminar helped lay out a road map to get to where we want to go as a firm. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Jan 19, 2018
Very good learning environment. As a solorecruiter, as time goes on you start to use short cuts and get away from doing the important little things. This class brought me back to doing all the important small pieces that really make you successful. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Dec 13, 2017
Excellent use of my time for my business. Excited to have Mike and his team helping me with my business. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Dec 07, 2017
The intensive laid out the road map to where I want to go with this business. I recommend the intensive and RecruiterU to recruiters who want to grow their business beyond what they think possible. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Dec 07, 2017
Like a fire hose of quality information! Real talk delivered with kindness and humour. Now to take some action... more »
4on Real Time Reviews, Dec 06, 2017
The event was well organized and if I stay focus and implement all the big rocks it will be a life changing seminar. Because of it I put my big boy pants on and started a payroll........Thanks more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Dec 05, 2017
I am very grateful to Mike and the team at Recruiter U for helping me to stay on track with my recruiting business. I'm a solo recruiter and working with Mike is helping me to dream bigger. I have a background in counseling so I really like the way Mike focuses on the mindset that we need to have to reach our goals. Making the decision to be successful is the most important step, and knowing that every tool that you could possibly need to make it happen is also available through Recruiter U makes a very powerful combination to be used to live the dream for my business. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Dec 05, 2017
Fantastic! I've enjoyed several of Mike's calls in the past and hearing him in person was even better. So much so that we've joined their Platinum Coaching Program. That about sums it up for us! more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Dec 05, 2017
This program was different, in that, Mike takes the time to get you to really decide, IF you want to change. He uses various techniques to get you to look at your current scene and make a decision to really attain the goals you have or if you just want to stay where you are at. Once you are in the correct frame of mind, he went over multiple ideas and systems that you can implement. I walked away with a new viewpoint of what I really want as a business owner and the steps to implement to attain my expansion goals. Also Mike is the most "down to earth" trainer I have ever worked with. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Dec 05, 2017
LOVED the intensive! Mike gave 200% and an overly generous amount of material through which to build my business. I definitely felt all the content was insightful, valid and imperative in growing my business.
All over - great time, great energy and amazing material. THANKS Mike and Team -you rock!
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5on Real Time Reviews, Nov 11, 2017
Mike and his team of coaches are fabulous! Ideas-sharing with other owners is invaluable. I highly recommend RecruiterU to any firm Owners wishing to increase revenue and grow their business. more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Nov 09, 2017
Fantastic two days of learning and application more »
5on Real Time Reviews, Nov 07, 2017
Great program, real life, Mike tells it how it is. You learn a lot from Mike, and also the other attendees. Highly recommend the program! more »
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Michael opened his firm in early 1990. Between 1990 and 1996 Michael cashed-in a mere $1 million as a billing manager. Frustrated, and wanting more, he drastically changed his approach to both the client and candidate side of the business. The result? Michael cashed in over $5.6 million between late 1996 and the end of 2001, when he came off a desk. During that time frame he ranked as a top 10 billing managers three times, ranking as high as second in 2000 with cash in on his desk in excess of $2 million. In 2001 Michael made the strategic decision to grow his firm instead of developing his individual recruiting practice. Training his team on the techniques that launched him, he developed an office that ranks in the top 3% of offices. He was ranked the eleventh fastest growing IT search firm in the country.more »

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